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1) METROPOLITAN TRAIN: times and stations - fares - stop request - Rome train map - train + bicycle
2) PUBBLICO BUS: general information regarding the bus lines and the Scout base bus stop
how to reach the base on your own: description, maps


The camp is  6 Kilometres away from Capranica railroad station of "FR3" line from Rome to Viterbo (FR3 is a regional line of TRENITALIA, the Italian National Railroads Company). Transfers from almost any place in Rome to the camp are very easy also for big events, such as region, district and group camporees. This is due to the high number of passengers that can be brought by these "TAF" trains, allowed to carry about 850 people, and to the high number of stops in Rome city (more than 10 in addition to connections to lines A and B of Rome underground, the so called "Metro" or "Metropolitana").

Shuttle service :
there is a shuttle service, available from Capranica Scalo station to the main street junction, 800 m. away from the camp. you have to request it beforehand:
You must either fill out the appropriate form or contact the agent at B.-P. responsible for this service (see first page) request for shuttle service is restricted to Satudays and Sundays with the attached form, to be sent by mail in the Sunday before the requested wekend.

The useful trains and prenotables for stopped of B.-P. Park leave every hour: We bring back therefore only the minute of the passage to the station. ATTENTION: in the festive days and in August every day, the frequency is halved to a every train two hours. The trains are cancelled in fact that leave to the odd number hours.

Download the timetable of trains Roma- Viterbo, Viterbo - Roma            .

Tickets are avaible in the most important railroad station in rome (Trastevere, S.Pietro, Ostiense, Cesano and the other stations with tickets office). You can buy tickets also in "tabaccherie" (tabagist shops with typical "T" sign) near all the big and small stations. When you buy a ticket you have to buy it for Capranica (stop after Bassano) because Bassano Romano is not a official opened station.
It's possible to use the ticket with integrated fares "METREBUS LAZIO" of atac This kind of ticket should be more cheaper than single ticket if you want use many different transport system in one day only.

BICYCLE + TRAIN The bicycle train ticket costs €3.60 and is sold in the stations with a ticket office (Roma Tiburtina, Roma S. Pietro, Roma Ostiense, Cesano). It is valid for 24 hours, starting from your first trip and dependent on the distance traveled and the number of trains taken. The ticket gets stamped before you get on the train and gets divided in half: one half to keep and the other to put on the bicycle. In addition, you must have a regular passenger ticket.
The TAF trains that run on the FR3 Roma-Viterbo line unfortunately do not have a special space for bicycles. However, like on all TRENITALIA trains, it is possible to take a bicycle with you.
Our suggestion is to put your bicycles in the area reserved for wheelchairs, which is either in the first or last car of the train and marked by a wheelchair logo on the outside. It can fit 8 to 10 bicycles, with another 4 in the adjoining corridor. If you wish to take more bicycles, then you should probably split up among the different cars and put the bicycles near the exits, preferably avoiding the central ones.
To get to B.P. Park by bicycle it is best to use the Capranica station.
Experience has taught us not to ask the station personnel (who are usually poorly informed) for instructions, because the answer is always either "You can't take the bike on the train," or "Put it somewhere where it's out of the way." We suggest just to take the second answer for granted, take your bicycle on the train on your own, and try not to create discomfort for other passengers.
BICYCLES ON THE ROME SUBWAY: Riding on the subway with a bicycle is possible only on Sundays and only on the first car of the B line and the Roma Lido, for the price of a regular ticket (free if you have a yearly subscription). From both these lines it is possible to change to the Trenitalia FM3 Roma-Viterbo line at the Roma Ostiense stop


It is possible to reach B.-P. Park using the Cotral regional buses, although trains are without doubt the cheapest, practical, and spacious way to get there, especially since it stops closer to the base.
Buses reach Bassano Romano (the end of the line), which is about 5km from B.-P. Park. This bus leaves from Rome at Saxa Rubra (on the Via Flaminia), which can be reached using the ATAC urban buses #200 and #232, or the Met.Ro urban train Roma-Viterbo (the other one) that leaves from Piazzale Flaminio (A line of the subway) every 15 minutes.
The other bus option is to use the Cotral Roma-Oriolo or Roma-Oriolo-Vejano lines which leave from Rome at Saxa Rubra. Given the distance between Oriolo station and B.P. Park, this option is useful for Hike and Raid (8.5 km).
For information on fares and time schedules,
call the Cotral toll-free number 800-15-0008
Other useful numbers:
Roma Saxa Rubra bus terminal ticket office (+39)06-332-8331.


FROM ROME AND SOUTHERN ITALY: You can easily reach B.P. Park from the Grande Raccordo Anulare through the Via Cassia Bis (Cassia Veientana), exit 5, in about 45 minutes.
FROM NORTHERN ITALY: from the A1 highway, exit at the Magliano Sabina tollbooth.
DISTANCES: B.P. Park is about:
60km from the A1 highway (Magliano Sabina exit)
70km from Fiumicino Airport
5km from Bassano Romano
As for bus transportation, our usual contact person is Mr. Mario Alterio. Telephone: +39.068911822, +39.0633269589, +39.3386130876.
Fax: +39.0633269589.
Note: Buses must be parked 500m from the entrance. Cars can not circulate inside the B.P. Park.