The nature around B.-P. Park is very rich but suffers from the environmental condition of the vast Mignone River springs area.  The vegetation is characterized, in the drier areas and in the more elevated areas, by the presence of oak forests (which lose their leaves when temperature goes down) dominated by white oak, and also by other kinds of trees that prefer more humid environments like Turkey oak, “farnia” oak (Quercus robur or pedunculata typical of western Europe), and hornbeam. There are also more water-loving species of tree in the valley near the crevices, frequently including examples of spontaneous vegetation that emerged in abandoned fields.

Mignone River 
The springs near the Mola di Oriolo 
(Oriolo’s Millstone)

The woods are therefore mostly composed of white oaks, Turkey oaks, and some “farnia” oaks that, together with maples, hornbeams, and flowering ashes, create thick cover over the territory.  The more humid areas are instead dominated by swampy trees, and near the crevices there are weeping willows, “salicornie” (herbaceous plants) and poplars.

White oak: When in northern Lazio we say “oak” we are actually referring to the white oak. In fact, it’s the most common type of oak.  The lower part of its leaves are covered by a whitish down, making it easy to recognize.

“Farnia” oak: This oak tree needs fertile and humid ground to grow on.  Some rare and majestic examples line lawns and streets.  It’s easily recognizable since it’s the only kind of oak whose acorns have a petiole.

  Willow: It’s recognized by the silver reflections on its leaves.  Its roots keep swampy grounds solid.  It spreads easily and every broken branch is potentially a new tree.


 Maple: A few examples, no longer cropped, are now small trees with very thick foliage.

The ground is very rich in arbustive plants, among which many “rosaceae” (fundamental for birds’ nutrition) like dogroses, hawthorns, plum-trees, and wild apple trees.  There are also hazel-trees, cornel-tree, medlars, and sorbs.

Hawthorns: This small tree blooms in the early springtime, decorating the hedges with white flowers.

Dogroses: This plant’s flowers last only for a few days in spring, though its fruit resists all winter long and is eaten by many wild animals.

Plum-trees: The hedges formed by this tree are the most contorted, and its spiny branches discourage anyone from trying to pass through.  Its fruit is very sour but birds enjoy it.

Hazel-trees: They are found around the edge of the woods.  In October you can pick its fruit: chestnuts.  In this area this plant is widely grown.

Since B.P. park is for the most part covered by woods, it’s the perfect habitat for small animals.  In addition to small mammals (rodents, hares, weasels, porcupines, a few foxes) and reptiles, B.-P. Park also has many birds: sparrows, wrens, blackbirds, titmouses, “Codibugnoli” or “Aegithalus caudatus” (a kind of sparrow), robins, Remiz pendulinus, finches, redstarts, woodpeckers, magpies, jays, rooks, cuckoos, quails, hoopoe and a few rapacious birds like the horned owl, the owl, the sparrow-hawk, etcetera. When the weather gets warmer you can notice just how active the inhabitants of this forest are, with all the different kinds of singing you hear.  You can also admire many butterflies and fireflies (which keep getting rarer!)porcupinfoxcincia robinswoodpeckercuckoosmopoeowl

B.-P. Park is rich in caves and grottos, thanks to the presence of tuff which is easy to dig.  Many of these caves have been used since the times of the Etruscans.




 Audience from the Papa to  Rome, the Wednesday.  For the  groups that camp  to B.-P. Park, 

 upon request, there is the  possibility of spend one  night in  Rome in a scout  den. For more  informations:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 6 excursions through the  territory of the Southern  Etruria and,  between the  other, to close  Marturanum Park ,  Barbarano Romano  (Etruscan necropoli)


 Service and/or reflection
 Occasions of reflection, prayer, day of the spirit, thanks to the  availability of monaci the Silvestrini Benedictines of the Monastero  di S.Vincenzo Martire

 Service to Rome to one of the poor caterings for of the Caritas  (only branch R/S) and to the Old House of Rest for to Bassano  Romano or Rome


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Dear friend,
one of the main problems has always been the difficulty of finding suitable places and to make sure outputs or camps for scouts, even more days.Was difficulties forced us to resort to the "word of mouth" among different units or groups, or alternatively , having to go to places little or not equipped with all the problems that are often manifested at the last moment. Today, after a few years since we were Scout leaders and ourselves, the situation has worsened, for the restrictions due to the laws, the reduction of areas suitable for Scout activities and, not least, to the lower safety of open spaces and unprotected. To solve these problems, in 1991 some friends and Scout groups have created a voluntary association, and non-profit, which - in turn - has purchased a large plot near Rome, it has hardened and has equipped, to make it suitable to host any kind of Scout activities. The Association B.-P. Park, named after the founder of the scouts, but meets many economic difficulties in the management of this area, which, as you can well imagine, to the huge initial costs of purchase - generously supported thanks to loans of money to many friends - combines considerable current expenses of ordinary and extraordinary, to make the park equipped and safe.
To give you a clear idea of our commitment, we enclose an information sheet of the Park, to which we add a few figures:
§ Initial cost terrain: € 284.567 (ITL 551 million)
§ Loans friends: € 232.405 (ITL 450 million), yet to be returned to 31/12/2015 € 69.688
§ Logistics / structures (eg. Well, toilets, dormitory for cubs and ladybugs, galley): € 723.000
§ Maintenance, average per year:  10.000
§ Contributions by guests non-members, average for year: € 13.000
The Association maintains with the self-financing, that is, with the revenues of the shares that pay Scout groups of guests B.-P. Park, with the contribution of some companies, but especially with the help of many friends who are, or have been, Scouts or to parents of children involved in Scouting.
We, therefore, need to expand this group of friends and supporters, therefore, we call a dual aid:
§ a personal contribution of at least € 200, to become part of the "Friends of the B.-P. Park" or € 5.100, in installments, become associate supporter. You can let us have by bank transfer to the account C/C 1590 c/o Credito Cooperativo Agenzia n.105 Roma - Coord. Bancarie
IBAN: IT 55 M 08327 03239 000000001590 BIC SWIFT: ROMA IT RR XXX 

 By circulating our request amongst your friends (ex-Scout or not), relatives, colleagues, however, among those who feel is sensitive to finance an operation that involves human and economic resources on our young people, in terms of education and prevention.
We are sure that you will not want to leave us alone in this commitment and, therefore, thank in advance all those who are going to go, for any further information contact (telephone 06.36309530; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Waiting for a concrete your feedback, we greet you cordially.

To receive our B.-P.Park news please enter your email and press OK




(We suggest you to look also the FAQ's page)


B.-P. Park is the first permanent scout/guide camp in Italy. It was made thanks to the efforts of many scout groups eager to dedicate it to the founder of scouting...

...Robert Baden-Powell,
 B.-P. for a friends 

B.-P. Park is...Q

…is a whole of land for scout activities. It is made of 35 hectares, with meadows and woods, located North-West of Rome and at 380 meters over the sea level. It is located on the route of migrating birds, so a lot of different species of birds can be observed. Because of the width of the forest (22 hectares of wood), the park is a natural habitat of little animals, including not dangerous small reptiles. 

The park is animated by continuous and frenetic activity of its gaily-coloured denizens singing harmoniously especially in Spring: there are also a lot of beautiful butterflies and fireflies, rare insects nowadays! The possibility of meeting the local fauna depends on the number of scouts camping at the park less scouts more animals and viceversa). B.-P. Park is for Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Cadettes, Leaders and it is open for weekends, hikes, district or region events from all over Lazio region from September to June every year, most of the scouts camping at the Park are from Lazio (about 20.000 from every association every year). Besides the following activities organized by regional AGESCI units or groups or structures take place at the camp on a regular basis: - mid November: Rover/Cadettes activity (Challenge or Disaster Management Training) - mid January: acivities for C.d.A. (Elder Cubs Council - Akela's and Arcanda's Councils) with a final hike or merit badges activities. - mid March: a 20 hour big game or merit badge activities for Patrols and Elder scouts/guides patrols - during the Holy Week: "Ora Et Labora" a camp of pray and work for Rovers and Venture Scouts Units - in July and August: summer camps for Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides, Rovers, Venture Scouts, Cadettes, from every part of Italy and from many European nations (B.-P. Park is part of the WTSIE - Where To Stay In Europe)



Indoor structures: Den for Cubs and Brownies: two huts (prefabricated houses), the first has 30 bunk beds, the second is divided into : kitchen area furnished of a working table, two gas-stoves, an oven and 4 refrigerators; table area has 6 tables and benches (48/60 seats). 

Outdoor structures: More than 100 taps with drinking water located in 13 different areas, 30 toilets in different areas (squat on toilette and regular toilets for handicapped) and cold showers, places for camping and for big events, the prayer's corner and a fitness course.

Equipment: the groups occupying the den are provided with pots, pans forks knives and spoons, salad-bowls, buckets, brooms etcetera. On request they can also be provided of working tools (shovels, picks, hammers etcetera).

Supplies: the closest village, Bassano Romano, is 6 km away. : the closest chemist's shop is in Bassano Romano, where it is also possible to find a doctor. A General Hospital is at Bracciano at about 20 km away from the Park.

Holy Mass: in July and August is possible to ask for the Mass celebration(please ask it in advance to the camp responsible). Moreover, the Benedictine Monks of S. Vincenzo Martire Monastery are available for meditations and prayers.

Lumber for constructions:  it is possible to rent lumber for construtions (cost 1,50 € for piece). To be asked to camp responsible.





Activities at B. P. Park

B. P. Park, listed in WTSIE (Where To Stay In Europe) directory, is glad to propose all camping scout units some of the following activities, in July and August :

  • Scouting activity: Pioneering, Kitchen, Topography, Expression, Observation of stars, nature's path, etc...
  • Holy Father’s audience in Rome (when He is in Rome, of course), every Wednesday
  • 5 hikes in the surroundings where there are a lot of ancient Etruscan sites (Southern Etruria) and to “Parco Marturanum”., a park at Barbarano Romano (Etruscan necropolis)
  • Chances of meditations, prayers, a Spiritual day, thanks to the availability of the Benedictine Monks of S. Vincenzo Martire Monastery
  • Service at one of the Caritas “cafeterias” for poor people and the homeless in Rome (only for elder units: e.g. venture scouts and cadettes) and for elder people at Bassano Romano or in Rome.
  • Service at B.- P. Park to make and/or for the maintenance of the equipment of the camp



Fee for camping at B.-P. Park Q  

for person a day
(except kitchen)
B.-P. Park members  No B.-P. Park members
Day visit (no-night)   gratis 1,50 €
Overnight stay in your own tent gratis 3,00 €
parents 1,50 € 1,50
Overnight stay in Dorm 

3,00 € 5,00 €
 use refectory and  kitchen daily
20,00 € 20,00 €


Would you like to become a member?! Some groups after camping at B.-P. Park asked to become a member and their "camping fee" for the camp was considered as an advance payment of the membership fee.

Would you give us a hand? 

Do not leave rubbish in the camp; please, put it in the public garbage containers outside the camp, according with the calendar(available on site); do not dig holes; do not cut trees nor branches. 

Buses are to be left 500 meters away; cars are not allowed to ride inside the park .

Every unit (member or not) that wants to come to B.- P. Park must inform us in advance. This is necessary also in order to have information about train timetable, to make shuttle reservations. (the train does not stop at Bassano station , there is a shuttle service in jiunction to some trains on Saturdays and Sundays). Our addresses are in the home page. 

A leader is available at B. P. Park during the summer camps, to assisting the units and for assigning camping areas and also to cooperate for anything the campers might need.



B.-P. Park - Località l’Aiola - 01030 Bassano Romano -VT- Italy
(50 km North-West from Rome) –  telephone +39.333.34.11.811 
(deputy camp chief on duty at camp will answer the call)

380 meters over the sea level.

  "B.-P. Park"  Association - Via Picardi, 6 - 00197 Roma




B.-P.Park visto dall'alto/B.-P.Park seen from above