Your 5 for 1000 to B.-P. Park


                               DEN AND KITCHEN ARE NOT AVAILABLE

5 x 1000 al BPParkSignature on the tax return the painting dedicated to the Non-profit Organisations and back below your signature the cf 04144011006

We will need to build the structures of service and fix the internal roads.

  5xmille: a signature B. x-P.Park                               (on the tax return)

B.-P. PARK is an association - NGO offers young people - especially for scouts - spaces and meeting opportunities for activities appropriate to their age. It owns more than 20 years of land by campeggiodi 36 hectares (24 of 12 forest and meadow) - Bassano Romano VT where - do business in the 12 months of each year an average of 5,000 children / and boys / and and young people across Italy and other 9 countries. It is one of the cheapest Scout Centres of Europe (because we want even more people can enjoy them modest).

WE HELD, pleasure, YOUR 5 x thousand reserved for Voluntary Organisations?

Just sign - on your tax return - the framework dedicated to the Non-profit Organisations (non-profit) and return - under his signature - the tax code of B.-P. PARK: 04144011006

Thank you! We'll need to pay a bit 'of debt contracted to build the service facilities as well as to rearrange 3 km of internal roads.