Activities suggested in the Summer Camps


                               DEN AND KITCHEN ARE NOT AVAILABLE

ACTIVITY 'OF SCOUTING SUMMER CAMPS (automatic translation!)

Are proposed techniques normally used by scouts: a) it is also desirable that - together with the scouts - will also participate in a / to help the leader or the / the head of the unit (provided it is available to get involved actively in the activity), for a possible enhancement of the asset as part of the regular programs of the unit; b) experimentally only 28.7 morning (pioneering) such activities will be reserved for Heads and Heads to Help, which will be proposed to organize it in the afternoon - with our assistance - for the Scouts.

Every activity can participate 25-30 scouts in total (of which no more than 15 of the same unit); only the observation of stars can participate up to 60 scouts, while no more than 15 scouts to the construction of ancient weapons and throwing spear .. The heads of scouting are happy to "cut" the meetings to measure the participants: the heads of Unit are invited to segnalarglielo - where appropriate - on time. The event is under the "gazebo" B.-P. Park (only for the observation of the stars, the appointment is on pratone near the pylon).

KITCHEN: from 17.30 to 21.00 approximately (dinner included). Notions are provided on the positioning of a spot fire and how to prevent fires, as well as provides the basics for a kitchen "trappeur". Will also be implemented some types of oven, which will be immediately used. Bring the flour and its ranks and cutlery.

EXPRESSION: from 16.00 to 19.00 over the duration of the evening fire. It 'an activity that led evening fire, also open to non-participating scouts. Are taught or enhanced expressive techniques (including mime, song, music, making masks, etc.). Bring musical instruments, if possible.

NATURE: 6.7, 11.7, 8.8 and 22.8 from 9.30 to 12.30; 23.7 from 16.00 to 19.00. Is made an exploratory tour of B.-P. Park, a discovery of its natural features therein (plants, birds, mammals, insects), providing insights for a better understanding of Creation. Bring binoculars if possible.

OBSERVATION OF THE STARS: from 21.30 to 23.00 hours. In the nights next to the "New Moon" is observed at the starry sky, while explains the various stars and constellations.

PIONEER: from 16.00 to 19.00. Starting from the basic elements for the construction field (nodes and ties) are made of buildings using other techniques: joints, use of "spigots", etc. In the course of each group of scouts realizes - among other things - a chair removable from the field, or other. Bring accepts and lanyards.

FIRST AID: from 9.30 to 12.30. During the activity - starting from '' a, b, c "of the first aid - you come to the artificial respiration, however, analyzing the allocation of a first aid kit. Bring individual package and / or first aid kit squadron or unit.

CONSTRUCTION OF ANCIENT WEAPONS AND THROWING ZAGAGLIA: from 9.30 to 12.30. Bring twine and a boxcutter to head

Topography and ORIENTATION: from 16.00 to 19.00. After an initial session on the topography and orientation, is held a contest to put into practice and test the knowledge gained. Bring - in addition to the book of hunting and a pen - a compass.

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First Aid










Observations of the stars


Constractions of the weapons and throwing zagaglia




Take place on Wednesday at 10.00: in Rome only 9.7; then in August - 13:20 - do not know if they are in Rome and Castel Gandolfo (there does not need a ticket for the hearing; we recommend the train from Bassano R. of 6.22 up to Valle Aurelia - 7.33 - Metro from there to Termini, where to take the train of 8.37 to Castel Gandolfo, with arrival at 9:17); tickets for the hearing - free - ranging asked by fax at No. 06.69885863, with confirmation at tel or 06.69884631 06.69883273 and then withdrawn - at the Bronze Door at St. Peter (right of the colonnade) - the previous Tuesday from 15.00 or at 20.00 on the morning of Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:30.



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