F. A. Q.


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F. A. Q.

Frequently asked questions

The website    
Could you send me more information on the base, or a brochure that explains the important characteristics?   On the website (which contains more than 80 pages and 540 files) you can find all the information you need for your excursions and camps.  www.bppark.it is always carefully updated and is much more comprehensive than any brochure.  From the GENERAL INFORMATION page you can reach information regarding descriptions of the camp, costs, firewood access, available gear, etc.  To find out how to get here, just click on the TRANSPORTATION page, always updated and complete.  We’ll leave it up to you to find the rest of the pages.  Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.  For reservations, we suggest using the user-friendly on-line application forms, so you can get in contact with us quickly.
We are a group of  scouts and we are very interrested in coming. We would like ask you informaitions about proceed to come.  Thank you for a prompt answer.   In our websites pages, you will find all the information you need. In general the last two weeks of July and the first 10 days in August are the most requested. We host up to 10 troops of 12/15 years age range (those who need wide areas for pioneering constructions) and 10 troops of 16/19 years age range (who normally have 2/3 people tents and need no great pioneering). We also host one pack of cubs/brownies (8/11 years age range) at a time in two huts (one for sleeping and one for eating). We have water taps all over the camps and three toilets/showers buildings, chemical toilets can be provided when necessaryin a way that can be reached from every camping areas. Should you decide to book contact directly our general secretary (adresses in homepage). If you are interested in the periods I defined the "most requested" I would suggest you to do it as soon as you can; in any case you can see from our website the progression of bookings updated every couple of weeks and also last year reservations. Should you need more info do not hesitate to contact us. I do hope to see you in Rome and/or B.-P. Park.
What is B.-P. Park?   Our camp has been called B.-P. Park since it was dedicated to the founder of Scouting and has been made up thanks to the efforts made by some scout groups (so far 34) of Lazio (Rome’s Region: one of the 20 regions of Italy), AGESCI (Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts Association) regional committee, and some entities of MASCI (the Italian Former Scout Fellowship National Committee, Regional Committee of Lazio, Pordenone e Torino) as well as A.I.S.A. (Associazione Italiana Scout Avventista), CNGEI (Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani sezione di Roma) and Federscout. B.-P. Park association has been registered as a voluntary organisation of Lazio Region (therefore it can also benefit of the fiscal treatment for ONLUS, i.e. Non Lucrative Social Utility Organisations) in two areas: “Environment” and “Social Services”. They are the same areas in which AGESCI Regional Committee is registered. B.-P. Park association is made of members appointed by the above mentioned scout groups and MASCI entities; it owns the ground and manages it only using volunteers (who do not even get an expense refund, sustaining expenses on their own)
Can Scouts from all associations join and access the Scout base?   Although present B.-P. Park membership are AGESCI, AISA, CNGEI, MASCI communities, we always have and always will host groups belonging to other associations that share our same values and educational approaches, in particular Scouting.
Can Cub Scout Packs come?  Are there sleeping quarters?  Is there a kitchen?       For Cub Scouts and their leaders we have two 90 square-meter prefabricated lodges, one housing 60 beds, the other set up as a kitchen, with communal pots and pans and a dining area with four 10-seat tables. The use of gas and of the kitchen is included in the kitchen daily cost.
How are activities proposed by B.-P. Park; are they worth for kids?  

Proposed activities can be divided into two categories: those all the year long and those during summer camps.

Year long:

During the summer, there are some activities proposed to those units camping at B.-P. Park. These activities can vary from year to year depending on the availability of leaders and former leaders for this service. For example, among others: pioneering and cooking; camp fire techniques; stars watching; orienteering,first aid and nature activities, as well as a show of Italian and international guide/scout badges and patches.

However B.-P. Park is not a substitute of leaders of the units camping at the park; it only proposes additional activities which are, in any case, optional activities: in other words units camping can come thoroughly self organised and structured having no need of additional proposals; it is intended to exclude that leaders, with little imagination and creativity, could have a camp prepared by others! But there is no doubt that activities proposed by B.-P. Park are always of high level and very much appreciated by all, leaders and kids.

Is it obligatory to participate in the activities offered by B.-P Park?  

Although we do propose activities for the groups, we do not expect everyone to partecipate.  Our 10-year experience has confirmed that gatherings (for example bonfires and large games) of youth from all of Italy and from other countries are some of the greatest opportunities a summer camp at B.-P. Park offers.  Therefore, you need not change the programmed activities.  At the same time, however, we do think that once you arrive you will want to make a few adjustments in order to allow your kids to meet others.  In other words, it depends on what you want to do.

Do we have to pay any additional costs to participate in the activities?   Participation in the activities offered during summer camp is free and optional.  The only activity that you have to pay for is the nautical activity at Lake Bracciano, which is not organized by BP Park.
What kinds of activities can/must a troop do?  Do we have to do any volunteer work or service projects?   For older Scouts we can arrange service projects for the maintenance of some of the camp’s infrastructures, assistance at the retirement home in Bassano Romano, or even an overnight trip to Rome to help out at a Caritas soup kitchen and/or participate in the Pope’s Wednesday audience (usually he skips a few in July and one in August while he is out of Rome; in any case, unless anything unexpected happens, the dates he is not going to be in Rome are known well beforehand).  You can also go on short (or long, up to a few days) hikes around B.-P. Park.  A few Italian and foreign groups also spend one day at Lake Bracciano, which is 15 minutes away by train (every hour) and a few minutes’ walk from Bracciano station.  For service projects you can do at B.-P. Park please contact our general secretary. In other words, you can stay at B.-P. Park on your own or to meet many other Scouts.  As we like to say, there is the possibility to live the atmosphere of a permanent Jamboree.  To contact other groups, check out the reservations section of the website.
Fees and reservations
What are the camping costs?    A chart with all the costs is on the GENERAL INFORMATION page. 
Is the reservation binding?  Once we have made a reservation, can we back out?
  Once we receive the down payment, the reservation is confirmed.  If you choose to back out, the down payment will not be returned.
At the end of the camp, what do we do with the extra wood we bought?   There is construction wood (pales) available in the camp. You can to rent it at 1,50 € per piece. You have to ask to the camp responsible, who can provide you with differ size of poles. Avoid to saw and to burn them. 
Is there firewood?   The base has a fairly large wooded area, so dry firewood is easily accessible.

Is there enough space to camp out in peace?

  There are no more than 20 units staying at B.-P. Park at the same time.  Due to the base’s large size (35 hectares) it is possible, if you wish, to have virtually no contact with other Scouts.  In any case, we suggest you survey the area to figure out the space you’ll need (e.g. dining area, tent spaces, etc).
We get into Rome by train.  How do we take the train that goes to B.-P. Park?   If your train comes in from France, Genoa, Livorno, or passes by Italy’s north Tyrrhenian coast, you’ll probably also stop at Ostiense station (before Roma Termini station).  Get off at Rome Ostiense station and take the train for Bassano Romano station (heading towards Viterbo).
If you’re coming from the direction of Florence or Naples, your train will stop at Roma Termini station or Roma Tiburtina station. Take the B line of the subway towards Laurentina and get off at Piramide.  (The subway ticket costs 1,5 euro).  Ride on three underground moving sidewalks and you arrive at Roma Ostiense station, from which there are hourly trains to Capranica station.
The ticket can be bougth at Termini, Tiburtina, and Ostiense stations and at large “tabaccheria” smoke shops/bars. 
 (see Transportation page)
How do we get to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome from the base?   The train stops 400 metres from the basilica and takes 1 hour.  Just get off at the Roma San Pietro station and follow the tourist signs.