The town of Bassano Romano


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Bassano Romano

Common of Bassano Romano E' a hospitable citizen of approximately 4300 ab. in province of Viterbo, that he rises on a tufaceo plateau and that boasts Etruscan origins. He tos be distant 33 km. from Viterbo and 60 km. from Rome. The strategic position has favorite since rising of takeovers the antichi times, and that is suffragato from the presence of vestigia of Etruscan necropoli. The rooms defended around the castle of XII century, i alleys, the external scales, arch it... confer them a particular fascination and the typical medieval aspect. Remarkable it is the intentional feudale palace from the Orsini, held then from the Giustiniani and finally from the family of the Odescalchi. The modern Bassano, is a laborious inhabited center, that it is been born and has been developed along the road that door to the railway station Rome - Viterbo.


.Il Monastero di San Vincenzo Martire

...Il gonfalone comunale

Palazzo Giustiniani

S. Vincenzo Martire. To 4 km. from B.-P. Park, along the road that door to Bassano, erge huge that receives one community of monaci Benedictines - Silvestrini, than alive second the rule of Saint Benedict, in the spirit of Saint Silvestro Abbot. The church has been made to construct from Vincenzo Giustiniani, on plan attributed to Carl Maderno, to which Francisco Borromini has then worked. E' sanctuary of the Saint Face and is goal of every pilgrimage year, particularly the last Tuesday of the month; the main festivity celebrates the Tuesday before Ashes with one solemn Waking of prayer. From the Monastero a panorama admires not common beauty that it extends until Cimino and to the Soratte mount ecclesiali Groups they are received in foresteria equipping for prayer encounter, spiritual exercises, formative moments, cohabitations, lives school and conventions. The monaci, moreover, they collaborate for how much possible one, with the units scout that they camp to B.-P. Park