Photographic images


                               DEN AND KITCHEN ARE NOT AVAILABLE

 Photographic visit


Click on the photos if you can see the blowups.  

In bottom to the page, the map of B.-P. Park with the point in which it has been taken the photo and the angle of visual. (numbered Photos)



 One of the glades with  water's point (1)

  The portal  (2)

Christian altar  (3)

 the great area with the background of the theater box, on the right the hygienic services

Aerial view of the base

 kitchen and refectory    (4) 

   the inside of the refectory

 One of the forest zones

 glade to the margins of the base

   baths and showers

 forest's zone

 Inside of the bed house

 One of the many wate's pointr

   From left, kitchen and bed's house

to hoist the flag (10)

   the snow to B.-P. Park: artistic " photo "


a little bridge up the stream (12)