DEN AND KITCHEN ARE NOT AVAILABLE



 Audience from the Papa to  Rome, the Wednesday.  For the  groups that camp  to B.-P. Park, 

 upon request, there is the  possibility of spend one  night in  Rome in a scout  den. For more  informations:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 6 excursions through the  territory of the Southern  Etruria and,  between the  other, to close  Marturanum Park ,  Barbarano Romano  (Etruscan necropoli)


 Service and/or reflection
 Occasions of reflection, prayer, day of the spirit, thanks to the  availability of monaci the Silvestrini Benedictines of the Monastero  di S.Vincenzo Martire

 Service to Rome to one of the poor caterings for of the Caritas  (only branch R/S) and to the Old House of Rest for to Bassano  Romano or Rome


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